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Playcanvas Camera Locations :: Portfolio

In addition to my grid & camera controller script, I have also been working on another useful helper which falls into the same category. I'm sharing it here since I think this could be useful for a couple of other people as well. A lot of the projects I'm seeing on the Explore page within Playcanvas are showcasing a single, or sometimes a handful of objects, like art galleries or visual showrooms.

The Camera Locations scripts tend to make the creation of exactly those types of applications quicker & their setup more flexible. It allows you to quickly transition your user's view from one location to another via a smooth, customizable camera path.

Simply define a location for each of your desired places and wire up the camera controller with your input source of choice and you are ready to go.

Criticism Welcome & if you need help with the creation of such a project, feel free to contact me. I'm always looking for interesting projects to work on!