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About Martin Niehoff :: Portfolio

3D/Technical Artist with a passion for real-time & interactive media, pushing Vertices with Care.



my name is Martin. I am a 3D/Technical Artist with a passion for real-time & interactive media who likes pushing Vertices around. I am 28 years old and live in Germany near the Dutch border where I also studied Game Creation & Producing, later Creative media & Game Technologies at the "Saxion University of Applied Sciences" in "Enschede".

I am the kind of person, who wants to know how things function and understand the reasoning behind it. I am interested in everything technology related & always curious to learn new technologies and processes to strengthen my knowledge & skillset.

My passion to create art for games started already in my early teens with the first game that I played "C&C Red Alert", for which I created my own levels in the level editor. And in the most games that I have played since then, I also played around in the level editor and other tools.

I try to keep in touch with new technology to keep ahead of the game. Some, but not all of the hardware I developed applications for, Kinect, Leap Motion, GearVR, HoloLens, OSVR and various SteamVR headsets from the first Vive up to the Valve Index, HypeBox, OAK & Looking Glass. I used this knowledge to work on interactive media and VR/AR/MR marketing & training applications.

Besides that, I was involved in various non-commercial game projects like “The Stargate Mod”, where I was mainly responsible for Level & Art design as well as Team lead.

When I am not in front of the pc, I like to do woodworking, 3D printing & Photography or work on our family’s large model railway in our garden. As you might noticed from some of my Portfolio pieces, I am a huge Sci-fi & fantasy fan, I love it to watch series or movies like Stargate, Firefly and all that kind of stuff.

Thanks for having a look at my portfolio and feel free to contact me.