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Playcanvas View-Cube :: Portfolio

Another brother in the set of my free Playcanvas components. Since I'm a long-time Maya user by now, I got used to the nice little cube within my viewport, which indicated to me my current view locations while also allowing me to quickly change it to a specific location.

Since my current personal project is allowing me to inspect 3D Assets within a Playcanvas window I felt the lack of a nice navigation element to give quick control over the camera perspective. I know the view cube is a bit controversial along with 3D artists & to be honest I didn't use it that much while modeling either.

But as a navigational element, it's actually quite great to have a visual representation of your object within space. The separation between the frontal faces, edges & corners is giving quick access to a variety of different viewing angles while using very little UI space.

As usual, the script is fully configurable through the editor & most properties should be self-explaining, or contain tooltips. You can also play around with those values in the editor & watch them update in real-time across all your devices in play mode ;)