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Into Deep Space - Playcanvas GameJam :: Portfolio

Over the course of the last 6 weeks, I participated with my Co-Worker Christian in Playcanvas GameJam. The theme of the contest was "Rockets! Robots! UFOs!" with a focus on mobile devices.

We build a little game called "Into Deep Space". It's a simple low-poly style gravity-based slingshot game in which the player has to jump with his little rocket (which was the supplied asset for the GameJam) from planet to planet through a universe that gets more challenging the further you go. The goal of the game is to dive as far as you can into space. Scoring higher scores than your friends!

Working on a game was a nice change back to my roots, compared to the more business-, industry-focused applications I'm now already developing on a daily basis for quite a while. The project was fun to work on and even if we didn't win, we got an honorable mention for the aesthetics of the game and it was nice to work with Christian on a game for once.

My main responsibility throughout the project was the creation of all our required assets, while Christian focused mostly on the technical implementation.

Feel free to give it a try & see how far you can get!