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I created this M96 to deepen my knowledge about hard surface modeling and to learn a bit more about the PBR workflow and Substance Designer.
This is the first weapon model that I have created and I wanted it to be a bit different from the other things I have on my portfolio.
I decided to model the M96 - Carl Gustav, because I had access to a lot of references for it, which allowed me to create the model as detailed as possible and because I thought it's a quite unique weapon, which I haven't seen as a 3D model yet.

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M96 - Carl Gustav Clip
6692 Triangles 1560 Triangles
2048 Texture 512 Texture


M96 M96 M96 M96 M96 M96 M96 M96 M96 M96 M96 M96

The model is textured in Substance Designer and rendered with Marmoset Toolbag.

I first created a few fully procedural base materials inside Substance Designer with adjustable settings for scratches and dirt, which allowed me to do quicker iterations. After I had finished my base materials, which you can see on the right, I combined them all in a single graph and added some mesh based wear and tear to the final texture.

M96_Textures M96_Textures M96_Textures M96_Textures


M96_Textures Clip_Textures
I created a small utility node for Substance Designer to generate this texture presentations. You can check it out here.

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