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Watercave :: Portfolio


Water cave is a map developed by me for "The Stargate Mod" a Half Life 2 total conversion.

“Watercave” was created as part of a so-called “multi-planet” map that allows players to travel through the “Stargate” to various planets, which usually differ largely in their appearance and layout to offer interesting gameplay twists within a single game level.

The map is set within a halfway flooded underground cave, which is adorned with crystals on the ceiling, colorful fireflies, and caustics coming from the moonlight which breaks through a small hole in the ceiling of the cave.

Tough the map is playable within classic game modes like "Team Death Match" or "Last Man Standing” its primary design is for a variation of “Capture the Flag” where both teams must collect several alien artifacts from various planets to win the round. To add some additional challenge the artifact within the cave can only be accessed by the players if they solve a physic puzzle, which will give access to the treasure’s goods.