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S.W.A.T. Shelf

Maya Toolset

My Maya Toolset, or also the “S.W.A.T”-shelf, as a reference to my gamer tag and all-time favorite game series. On that note, it's a wonder that I never went into modding for that :o

It’s a small collection of custom scripts to support my common Scenes, Workflows, And Tools within Maya. The collection grew over the years with the projects & teams I worked with to support their needs. It consists out of a selection of export & processing tools to speed up common tasks within our workflows and helpers to set up & organize our scenes.

Including configurable export tools to match the engines related standards (most of my Source Engine related export scripts are part of the MESA collection). Scene Setup Helpers to quickly define specific organization structures. Hard Surface Modeling Helpers and Batch Baking / Exporting tools for substance, xNormal & Knald. A sprite generator to quickly generate sprites from a model. As well as a cubemap/skybox render/export helper and a simple level layout generator to quickly generate greybox levels from Illustrator files.

 A couple of these features are by now available within Maya itself, e.g. the game export which was added in Maya 2016 is covering up a lot of my custom game export features while adding a couple of other neat additions. Though that wasn’t available when I wrote my first exporter for Maya 2012 :>