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Desert Fortress :: Portfolio

Desert Fortress

Desert Fortress is a map developed by me for The Stargate Mod a HL2 total conversion.

The map was created mainly for game modes like Capture the Flag and Territory Control in a Stargate like style (more information about the game modes can be found on the game's website), but it is also playable with classic game modes like "Team Death Match" or "Last Man Standing.

Based on the current game mode a few things on the map will change to adjust the flow of gameplay and to guarantee a nice experience for the players in each game mode. The map has a generally very open environment with a lot of hiding spots and alternative routes for the players between the small houses in the middle of the city.

Theme and Gameplay
The map is set within a fortified city on a desert planet without representing any specific location that is seen in the TV series. The City is divided into different districts, which vary in their appearance and gameplay, from long-range battles within the wide hallways of the cities palace over close-quarter fights within the poor district to hand-to-hand combat within the narrows governor residence.

Rough Story Overview
Desert Fortress is set in and under a big Fortress in a deadly desert.
The Fortress and the whole planet are under the control of a brutal "Goa'uld", who enslaves the population. They have to work in mines in the mountains outside the fortress, where rich Naquada deposits are. The "Tau'ri" are coming through the "Stargate" to liberate the people (Territory Control) or to steal an important artifact from the "Goa'uld" (CTF).

The map is not very far in development and heavily WIP