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Blowtorch :: Portfolio


Personal Modeling & Texturing Practise

While I was searching for a few new ideas for what kind of tools I could implement in my current university project I stumbled across an interesting old blowtorch in our garage. It fits perfectly into the design of the project and has something fancy to it, so I decided to use it as a reference for my welding tool which allows players to weld/repair objects in the level.

The model itself is an exact copy, but I altered the skin and company logos so it fits better into my project.

I used a similar workflow as for my M96 model, where I first created a few fully procedural base materials inside Substance Designer with adjustable settings for some simple wear and tear.

Then I merged these graphs with the text and icon elements I created in Photoshop into a single graph and added some mesh-based wear and tear on top of it. As a final touch, I added a small leaking effect with Substance Painter on top of it, to create the final texture.


Texture Resolution

Texture Presentation Utility I created a small utility node for Substance Designer to generate this texture presentation.