my name is Martin, I am years old and live in Germany near the Dutch border.
I am currently participating in the "Game Creation and Producing" program at the "Saxion University of Applied Sciences" in "Enschede" in the Netherlands. In my free time I am working on the Half Life 2 modification "The Stargate Mod". I'm responsible for level design and creation and currently have the role of the Lead Level Artist.

My passion to create art for games started in my early teens with the first game that I played "C&C Red Alert", for which I created my own levels with the included level editor. And in most games that I have played since then, I also played around in the level editors and other tools.
When I joined "The Stargate Mod" in 2009, I soon decided to make this passion to my job. So after I finished school I applied at different universities, that are offering game related studies.

My goal for the future is, to earn the skill set to create believable and realistic environments with a high detail. I am always looking forward to learning new tools, workflows and technologies to improve my visual and technical knowledge and skill. And if necessary I also create my own tools or extensions, to achieve my goals.

Thanks for having a look at my portfolio and feel free to contact me.